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Shallow Grave by Temtris

Shallow Grave
Temtris have been around for since 1999 from their native land of Nowra and they made a good following from themselves bringing their own piece metal greatness with them. Temtris have already brought out two releases "Threshold" (2003), "Masquerade" (2007), along with their latest release the almighty "Shallow Grave".

Temtris is a female fronted band and I completely agree with what they say on their site which is "Yes we have a female singer but she has more balls than you". Shallow Grave proves this as Genevieve's vocals are a forced to be reckoned with as she is a metal singer hands down. Vocals are shared by growls in appropriate parts of the album and Temtris have done an excellent job in not having the growling overshadowing the main vocals like some previous bands have done in the past. Some of the vocals are quite haunting like they are telling a scary story, example of this is the start of "Shallow Grave".

The music, first and foremost, is amazing as every song on this album is different and I will admit Temtris kept me guessing what was coming next. With different time changes, volume, tones, and stages of aggression it was all tight. The different changes produced great themes and moods which were completed greatly by Genevieve's vocals and Llew's growls. Expect many different genres in this album ranging from Traditional to Black Metal – it is quite the surprise.

Stand out tracks in this album were quite difficult to pin point but my favourite is "Slave to the System". The song has a very catchy riff and is one of those songs that will stay in your head. The bonus track "Your Time has Come" is another amazing song with a very fast intro which grabs your attention straight away. Other mentions would be "Shallow Grave" and "Forever Haunted".

Temtris is becoming fast a high quality metal gem for Australia with already a good following and some good shows in 2014. Hopefully Temtris can further their name and become big name for Australia. I'm looking forward to seeing their live show at "Steel Assassins Festival" and "Bangers and Thrash".

Shallow Grave

Reviewed by Brent Logan
Since growing up with Metallica, Queen, Black Sabbath and Kiss (Thanks Mum) my taste has obviously grown into my own. I think it's important to be able to share metal or music for that matter for all people to enjoy, especially with metal as in the digital age its easier to share.

Shallow Grave has been released in 2014. Temtris are from Australia.

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