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Metal United Down Under 2016: Official artwork revealed; first line-ups announced

Metal United Down Under 2016: Official artwork revealed; first line-ups announced

Metal United Down Under (MUDU) is currently the biggest underground metal event with shows in 14 cities across Australia under the same banner in one united night of Metal on 15 October 2016.

Sydney, 18 July 2016 – The warm up for the third round of Metal United Down Under has begun. Most line-ups are complete and announced or will be announced very soon. There are 14 cities participating this year – Adelaide, Bendigo, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Canberra, Darwin, Gladstone, Hobart, Lismore, Maryborough, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wollongong – so all Australian states and territories are covered once again. After last year’s shows with many 12-16 band festivals, it looks like we’re going to have more 4-8 band shows this year. There will be around 90-100 bands playing MUDU again, making it Australia’s biggest underground metal event.

Currently are 70 bands in the following line-ups announced:

Adelaide – for the third time organised by Sedulous Rouse who also play the show together with Facegrinder, Sickness, Nemesium, Deadspace, Wounded Pig, I Protagonist and I Icarus at the Enigma Bar

BundabergCrowned Ruckus is organising the show again at the Railway Hotel. Lavidius, Weightless In Orbit, Therein, Odysseus Reborn, Into the Badlands, Psychosphere, US and THEM, Morgue and Iron Wizard will be playing so far.

Brisbane – new on board is promoter Metal of Honor, well-known in the Brissie Metal scene. The Black Swamp, Terror Parade, Behold The Defiant, Kaerulean, Pallative Care, Dead End Kings, Dirty Brew, Caetera and Fragments will play The Back Room

Darwin – again organised by Evel-E Productions, location is Happy Yess and bands playing are: Shapeshifta, Clever Monkey, F.E.M.A

GladstoneBent Metal Media are taking over the promotion job for the second time and it’s again the Rocky Glen Hotel hosting the MUDU show, played by Evil Eye, Beyond Vendetta, Killer's Creed, Weight of Silence, Mergatroyd, Only Machines Remain, Symbolic Weapon, Kold Creature, A.M.P.

Hobart – like most of the other shows, this one is organised by second timer Tyrantula Productions at the Brisbane Hotel. Line-up is Spitting Rhino (debut show), Hells Grace, Sludko, Infected and KingFall

Lismore – first time on board is Lismore even though the promoter has been active 2 years ago in the Byron Bay show. Cranky Old Bastard Entertainment sets the show up in the New Tattersalls Hotel with Upon a Falling Empire, Orgy of Swines, Siv, Trinatyde, Nescient, Deraign, The Outcome and Deathgrip

Melbourne Megaton Music is putting together the show at the Bendigo Hotel for the second time and it’s an outstanding line-up: Frankenbok, Elm Street, Harlott, Metreya, Malakyte, Toxicon, Damnations Day, Asylum, Espionage, Requiem, Elkenwood, Feast of Crows

Sydney – MUDU founders, Metal-Roos, are teaming up with Deaf To All But Metal to organise the show at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel with Decryptus, Grill and The Plague

Wollongong – the show is promoted for the first time under the name of the band Carbon Black even though they cannot play themselves. The venue is a first as well, Rad Bar. Lineup: Lethal Vendetta, The Winter Effect, HarbouR and Thrash Bandicoot

There will be some more bands announced and all eyes are on the still unknown line-ups of Bendigo (MusicMan Megastore), Canberra (Chud at Basement), Maryborough (Impale the Heart Productions) and Perth (Stormrider Touring at Civic Hotel). Wagga Wagga seems to be joining MUDU which would add a 15th city to the event.

The official artwork has been created by Thrashwolf and is available as t-shirt

MUDU is supported by our sponsors, media partners and supporters. Our sponsors are the touring company Tombowler who are bringing Enslaved to Australia just before MUDU and the label Noisebleed. To spread the word of MUDU, we have again a great media partner panel consisting of Australian and international radio shows and webzines. Australian webzines are Metal Obsession and The Rockpit and international webzines Bravewords, EJMZine, Metal Temple and Transcending Obscurity. For more information about our partners incl. links, please visit:


All event updates can be found at the official MUDU website and or the individual Facebook event pages. MUDU is organized by Metal-Roos (


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