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Edge of The Night by System Trashed

Edge of The Night

This is System Trashed's 2nd effort in to the musical jungle. The 3 piece band have upped the ante on Edge of the Night. The same style with added aggression this time around.

Opener Under the Gun sees the band rocking out hard. Jamie is the guitarist/vocalist and does a stand up job with the dual duties. The lads venture into slightly thrashy ground with the second and title track Edge of the Night... solid grooves and I really dig the section with a blistering solo two minutes into the song.

One of the fastest songs on the album is Iron Storm. Seeing more thrash elements shine through with more deeper vocalisations going on, the drumming is solid and is bass thundering along with precision. One of the highlights  is the pace of the song. This really gets the heart racing and the head banging. The lads play around with the tones for a really heavy crunch sound and soaring vocals on Through the Wind.

For those who like to be able to listen to the lyrics to a song this is your album and band. System Trashed are hard rock maniacs with solid groove and style.

Edge of The Night

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

Edge of The Night has been released in 2016. System Trashed are from Australia.

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