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Digital Ritual by As Paradise Falls

Digital Ritual

Digital Ritual - opens with haunting guitars then flows into an edgy but thrashy guitar section. It then follows into a deep deathcore riff and ends with the same haunting guitars.

Balance - A smash you in the mouth song from the start with angry vocals and matching insane guitar riffs from start to finish.

Starblind - Begins with really nice clean vocals that shifts into a meld of metalcore riffs and vocals. The chorus is very melodic. This song is very well balanced.

Starblind (clean version) - I really didn’t notice much of a change from the original but in saying that it is still a damn awesome song.

The Ultimate Consumer - Begins with a very bouncy verse. The guitar work is magnificent, the chorus is haunting and I really like the mix of clean and growling vocals on this track.

Automated Sacrifice - Another song with a bouncy intro combined with clean vocals that flows into a fast tech savy verse section. It’s the 1st song on the album with a mini solo followed by a thunderous double kick section with a quick breakdown at the end.

Glory To The Server - Straight away it’s a brutal song with a chorus likened to “Alice In Chains”, that follows into a brutal ending. A very likeable song indeed.

Dead Message - Begins like it’s going to be a symphonic song before it bursts into brutal riffs and soaring vocals that remind me of the Mitch Lucker “Suicide Silence”. Indeed, a standout song for me I loved the mix of growling and clean vocals.

Dead Message (clean version) - just like the Starblind clean version I couldn’t recognize that much of a change but it still remains a stand out song for me.

Hysteria - Begins brutally once more with a snippet of a cross between “Born Of Osiris” and “Lamb Of God”. Has a nice clean section followed by brutal riffs and brutal vocals. A jumpy but fast song that matches its title.

Pride And Disgrace - Begins with a huge gutteral growl followed by a measured and technical riff section that would do “After The Burial” proud. Another song that completely kills it.

Captive To The Creation - A devastating beginning followed by an intricate guitar section reminiscent of “The Faceless”. The chorus is done in those ever-present haunting clean vocals, followed by the brutal bounce you on your head riffs that would make any guitarist envy and the outro is just sensationally brutal as well.

All up As Paradise Falls have well and truly made a masterpiece. I would recommend this album to any metalhead new or old.

Digital Ritual

Reviewed by Scott Wells
Owner/Artist of Skull And Bones Designs

Digital Ritual has been released by Eclipse Records in 2017. As Paradise Falls are from Australia.

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