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Bomb Thrower by Dark Horse

Bomb Thrower

I received this album a little while ago and to be perfectly honest it took me a while to get into it. I’m not the biggest fan of the Hardcore/Punk scene although I do respect the style. The album is from Dark Horse, a Sydney band who I would imagine have a fearsome live presence. Their album Bomb Thrower is new- a raw no holds barred brutal attack on the senses.

The opening track Pulling Teeth for Nothing starts off with an old mono track style before exploding in full surround sound smacking you right between the ears.

Hope Was Your Mistake takes off where the 1st song left you. Dark Horse have a style of Hardcore infused with elements of punk mixed with grind. A definite volatile mix. The vocal style has an early Napalm Death vibe going on, reminiscent of the 1st incarnation pre-Barney Napalm possibly Justin Broadrick (as best I can hear as I mentioned I’m not really up on the genre so I may be off the mark here).

The songs are short apart from Howling Our Triumph clocking in at 4:30. The shortest 30 seconds being The Downing. The rest is somewhere in between. So you can get the feeling that each track is a punch in the face, fast and intimidating.

Bomb Thrower is an angry album bring out emotions from a guttural level. This is part of the reason why it did take me a while to get into it. The songs do seem a little repetitive in the sound and delivery but withstanding that it is an insane album with bite.

This is an honest album with these guys not giving an inch or a fuck.

Bomb Thrower

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

Bomb Thrower has been released in 2017. Dark Horse are from Australia.

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