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Entombed A.D.

Entombed A.D.
May 1, 2017
Interview with Entombed A.D. - Adrian spoke to singer Lars-Göran Petrov just before the Swedish Death Metallers are starting their Australia tour in May 2017

Metal-Roos: I heard that you had trouble getting some of your luggage and equipment off a flight just recently? Did you manage to get it back?
We are still waiting for it to be returned but we managed to borrow some guitars and stuff from the other bands. We get to choose some of their best stuff so it’s good for us (laughs).

Metal-Roos: You haven’t been to Australia for a while, are you getting excited?
Oh yeah, we are!! I think it was back in 2004 when we were last there. It’s been a while but as we know time flies… we are looking forward to meeting the great people of Australia again!

Metal-Roos: What memories do you have from 2004?
Apart from playing, we went to the local bars. We visited a koala sanctuary. I mean, we get around a bit but we make sure we have a really good time which is easy in Australia

Metal-Roos: Well that’s what it is all about really - having fun and getting out and about… if you have the time for it.
This time, I know after the Perth show we will stay for 2 days and relax. So, we will hang out in Perth for a few days before flying home.

Metal-Roos: What can fans expect this time around from Entombed AD?
Well, just a really energetic show with lots of head banging. We are a really tight band now. We play well together, we like to hang out with one another. Since we haven’t been to Australia, we will play a little longer than we would normally.

Metal-Roos: Do you have any pre-show rituals to warm up or just chill and have a beer?
Yeah, it’s pretty intense getting around, lots of flying to get to the shows. We try to get an early flight and get to the next town. Maybe have a power nap, get to the venue for a sound check then go to the bar for a beer. We like to watch the opening bands and see the local talent, meet as many people as possible… so we don’t have a ritual or such like that but we like to hang out.

Metal-Roos: So do you like to watch the opening bands then?
Of course, unfortunately we haven’t met them yet. We like to watch the opening bands, you can always learn something. Every show we do we check out the bands, you know see how they do. It’s a good opportunity to watch and learn, we still like to do that.

Metal-Roos: That’s so cool to hear that. I’m in Adelaide and the two band Voros and Murder World are awesome, I’m sure you’re going to love them..
It’s going to be fun. We don’t have that much overlook on the Aussie metal scene but I hear that it is big. The amount of interviews I have gotten this week from Australia is overwhelming...

Metal-Roos: If I may, the metal scene is great - speaking only from an Adelaide point of view, though. I know lots of other killer bands, but the likes of Hidden Intent, Truth Corroded and Alkira to name only a few are making a name for themselves overseas as well as around Australia and locally here...
And it’s a good opportunity for us to see some Australian metal bands to get a bigger grip of it. We like to go to the record stores, too, and check things out. We will have a lot to do.

Metal-Roos: You have been around for a long time. Can you please tell me what it is like to be such a big influence on other people and bands?
Well, it is good (laughs). It is an honour that people admire us and me - we as a band are still admiring and influenced by others. It is a give and take situation. It is how the metal scene is still alive. The younger metal heads are forming new bands. The legacy goes on. We are getting older, but there is no growing up... (laughs)

Metal-Roos: Oh, definitely not! We have to get older but we don’t need to grow up.
That’s the way of life my friend.

Metal-Roos: Was there a person or band that inspired you personally to play music back in the day?
I was listening to bands like the Sex Pistols and stuff.  I then crossed over to the metal scene listening to some of the fast stuff. When I got my first Motorhead album I said to my friends, oh, can you imagine doing something like this for your entire life… playing stuff like your favourite Iron Maiden record. Luckily for us, things turn out ok. So we are just honoured to be here and be able to play for all these years. As far as influence, we are influenced by everyday life as well as the Iron Maidens and Saxons and stuff but they’re still around.

Metal-Roos: That leads me into my next question, have you seen the progression in metal these days and what is your opinion on that?
Metal has always been around, yes. You know it’s good cause bands like Iron Maiden are still touring. Every time you go to a metal show it’s fun, it’s alive. I’m not sure how to answer your question properly.

Metal-Roos: That’s OK ... is that something you can see yourself doing until you retire, recording new material and touring like them (Iron Maiden)?
Hell, yeah! There’s nothing else to do. Well even if there was how good is it to make new records and go out on tour. We are not tired of it yet and doubt we will ever be tired of it. It is a way of life, writing a new record is like starting over again.

Metal-Roos: If you weren’t playing music for a living what would you be doing?
Oh god I don’t know...shit. Maybe get a job as a dishwasher or something (laughs). I’ve never really thought about that. Maybe have a small job fixing stuff or something. I don’t really know I’ve been lucky to be doing things I love. When we are not touring we are at home writing new riffs and working on new material and stuff. It’s a 24 hour a day thing. We don’t see it as a job just something we just do.

Metal-Roos: Metal is a lifestyle isn’t it.
Exactly, it never ends.

Metal-Roos: Has there ever been a moment when you just have to stand back and think to yourself, holy shit this is just so cool?
There’s been a few but in 2000 when we toured with Slayer and Iron Maiden… that was definitely one of the highlights of our career. At the time we were like...holy crap we got the support gig of Maiden and Slayer, we can stop now. But then again you write another album and begin to tour again. That tour though was great, those band and their crew were excellent. An example of what it was like, we asked the iron maiden crew what can we use on stage? Like light wise and sound wise and they told us whatever you want.

Metal-Roos: Very Nice...
And that’s the positive attitudes the bigger bands should have. Iron Maiden, they don’t need to tour with other bands, and it makes you humble and nice to other bands as well. We like to share thing and be nice to band that support us, so it’s something we like to build on and hopefully the other bands do the same.

Metal-Roos: Entombed and (not going into all the legal stuff over naming rights) Entombed AD has been around for almost 3 decades. Your songs are like babies but do you have a favourite one to play?
We try to play the songs we like, of course. We play songs from the first albums. Especially now when we come to Australia because we haven’t been there for a while. We will definitely play some of those but we have a standard set. If someone in the crowd yells out a particular song and if we can play it, we will do that as well. It is a very spontaneous environment which we love. We like our fans to experience the best of us - that makes us happy.

Entombed AD will be on Australian shores very shortly and are ready to decimate the ear drums of all who bear witness to their shows.
They are ready...\m/

Interviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham