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Genre: Power / Thrash Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Wayne Dwyer - Vocals & Guitar
George Larin - Lead Guitar
Evan Harris - Bass Guitar
Chris Phillips - Drums

Years active:

The Painful Road to Eden (2017)
Cold Moon over Babylon (2011)

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Vulvagun is a band formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Wayne Dwyer, known for his work in Melbourne metal bands like Sea Wolf, Captain Trips and Wizard Sleeve to name a few. He is joined by by drummer Chris Phillips (Tyrus, Mass Confusion, Day of Clint), bass player Evan Harris( Black Majesty Eyefear, Taramis) and lead guitarist George Larin (Taramis, Nothing Sacred).

Vulvagun's debut album, 'Cold Moon over Babylon' was released in May 2011 and garnered rave reviews for the depth and complexity of the music and its lyrical themes. Whild Cold Moon is not a concept album as such, it is a themed album, one which leads perfectly into setting up the story for the long awaited follow-up, 2017's 'The Painful Road to Eden.'


Vulvagun Vulvagun